About PaperGuide

Hi Reader,

We are Starting PaperGuide not to teach anything but to learn from all of you readers by sharing what we know and listening to your responses.

Let me tell you what exactly this blog(PaperGuide) is going to be about. As you can guess from menu-bar that we will share insights on Data Science, Machine learning, Statistics,Python programming Language, Python for Data science, Shell Scripting and bit of Front end web Development also sometimes Basic Sciences(Specially  Physics).

Also we have added a section about “How to build a WordPress blog” wherein we will make a thorough guide on how you can easily build a blog on WordPress. Also contact us through Contact form if you need any help regarding anything from above mentioned topics, we will try our best to assist you.

If you want to be a part of PaperGuide.org as author or you want to contribute to growth of PaperGuide Just click on Join PaperGuide Tab on top menu bar and submit the details we have mentioned there.

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