Join PaperGuide believes in delivering best content to readers in the field of HTML, CSS, Python, Shell, Linux, Machine Learning, AI, and WordPress How to’s. If you are passionate enough and really wish to contribute in effective way, You are welcome to submit your proposal along with an article on any of the above mentioned topics.

First we will evaluate Content you have written and based on content quality you will get an opportunity to join PaperGuide.

Note :  For each accepted article[Including Sample article] you will receive 300 Rs. INR (per article.) ($5) once you submit more than 3 articles in same topic/niche.

Writing Guidelines :

  1. You Must use Technical Language to write this articles
  2. There should be  images or various illustrations whenever required
  3. Articles must contain at-least 1000 words
  4. Articles should have least grammatical mistakes
  5. Articles should be easily readable

Alongside writing Guidelines there are few ethical rules you need to follow

  1. In any circumstance you must not publish article accepted by on any other source/website
  2. Once payment for article is done, article will be property of [Writing credit will remain with author]. I.e PaperGuide will have ownership of the article.
  3. In order to make article reach more audience writer must do little online marketing.

If you find above Guidelines acceptable you can submit your initial sample articles using below form. Once you are shortlisted to write for all communication will be done via email

Here In below form you must attach your recent unpublished work in word format which will be considered for evaluation process.

In case you want to join for some other work rather than writing such as online marketing etc you can mail your resume and work you are interested in to with appropriate subject.


Note Along with below form send your article in word,  pdf or latex format  along with your personal details such as name,  email id etc to directly.



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