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Linux: shortcuts

Shortcuts has been  designed to save time as well as  to increasing the speed of users. In the below section, we have listed some shortcuts which can be used by users to save their...

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Top sudo commands in Linux

In my previous article  I had described about the beauty of Linux/Unix operating system. In that series I had mentioned some feature of Linux/Unix operating system those were as follows: Easy to access both local...

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Matlab for Matrices and Vectors

In my previous article  I have discussed that matrices and vectors both are two branch of arrays. These are fundamental data types in matlab.  What is a matrix in matlab ? Matrix can be...

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Python for Beginners : Tutorial 1

(This post [Python for Beginners] is written assuming reader uses linux [Ubuntu etc] operating systems) Are you completely new to Python? Then you have come to right place where you can start learning it. ...

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Matlab Matrices and Arrays

Introduction to Arrays and Vectors In this article we are going discuss about arrays and vectors of numbers and mathematical operations on them.  Arrays are the fundamental representation of information and data in matlab....

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Reading a CSV file into Python Pandas

Before beginning let me remind you that this tutorial is not for beginners. If you are beginner you can start with reading python overview post. Python Pandas library plays important role in Data science...

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