How to Start a WordPress Blog

How to start a blog

It is an age of Internet and Information. People rely massively on various kinds of information. And in opinion Internet is the best source to find Huge amount of information without any hassle. To name a few sources on internet which gives you enormous information are Tech giant Google, Wikipedia, Facebook, Linked in , GitHub, Stack-exchange.

Above mentioned sources earn huge while sharing this precious information.

Alongside this sources there are many other small websites such as Where people like you and me write about topics in which they are experts. Such websites are called Blogs.

Also it is to be noted that many people now a days wants to start a startup regardless of there background. Due to advancement in various technologies such as computers, electronics, AI, Data Science etc. It has become more easy than ever to start your own startup.

All of we are big fan or either android or IOS or both (Sorry but i am just predicting on the basis of statistics as numbers suggest) So you can simply develop an app and publish it on android play store or IOS app store. Or you can sell product online marketplaces such as amazon, flipkart etc.

One interesting option all of us have is of Blogging. First let me make it clear blogging is not get rich quick scheme. It is like other startups where you will have to start from building and designing your blog to writing content and marketing it on various platforms etc.

In the course of time i will share some articles wherein i will let you know ho to make money from blogging.

But first we will concentrate on how to start a blog from scratch.

Due to various CMS (Content management systems) available starting a blog has become extremely easy.

But like any other business say owning a shop you will have to invest a small amount of money to get started. This investment is very less as compared to any traditional business. Initial investment will vary from few dollars to few thousand dollars as per your requirements.

Let me guide you through all necessary steps.

First You will Have to buy a domain name and hosting

In order to start any online web service you will need a domain name. Purchasing a domain name has become cheap this days. Thanks to the huge competition. Rather than explaining you about how to purchase an domain let me tell you about hosting. Even before that lets first clear up about which blogging platform you should use and why?

Which blogging platform you should use and why?

blogger, blogspot, blog, wordpress, tumblr

There are many blogging platforms available on internet with different capabilities. They serve different writer communities and different needs altogether.

let me list few of such blogging platforms (Free) –

and more ……

Among above blogging platforms i will suggest you to use WordPress because of many reasons. Such as, Strong Community, Great Support, Strong marketplace for themes and plugins etc. we will talk more about WordPress in more detail in other post. But i will highly recommend you to use Self hosted WordPress i.e Rather than any other platform.

Also to be noted that There are two entries of WordPress, and is also a great blogging platform for newbie bloggers but they have various limitations and you cannot really use various monetising techniques because of them.

On the other hand self hosted will not have any restrictions and you can do anything using it. If you are developer you can develop very exciting things. If you are not then you can use free or paid themes from various marketplaces which will have drag and drop interface.

Coming back to our main point “domain name and hosting”

So i hope you have decided to use self hosted platform. As name suggest you will have to host the blog. For hosting the blog their are many platforms available such as  (which i feel is the best platform available for those who are new to blogging) Hostgator, godaddy etc.

Now let me explain why i did not talk about domain name registration is because most of this web hosting companies provides domain names free or for nominal cost of few dollars if you purchase it with hosting.

Hence, I will suggest you to do not rush and buy domain name first.

The first and foremost task user must do before starting a blog is to choose a domain name.

As domain name will be the brand/face of your blog business.

We will cover how to choose domain name in this post later. First let me tell you about various hosting and domain plans by various providers and why i think is best among them.

If you check websites of this hosting providers you will notice different types of hosting such as shared hosting, dedicated hosting, VPS hosting etc.  For newbies i will suggest to start with shared Linux hosting because many reasons. I will talk about various Hosting types and about their features and services in different post later.

So if you have made your mind check below shared hosting plans by various hosting providers and choose whichever suites you best.

Bluehost shared hosting plans

hostgator hosting plan

GoDaddy hosting plans


If look at above hosting plan it is quite clear that you will receive at least one domain with any hosting plan you choose. You can choose any hosting plan you wish but for new blog writers i will suggest to choose basic plan from any of the three hosting providers. As all of them provide great service and support.

For we  use as it provides great service and up time.

We will write a post covering how to purchase web hosting from any of above mentioned providers.

Once you are done with hosting and domain name follow this

Once you are done with domain name and hosting next task you have to do is to install WordPress on it. For that you will need to know about c-panel.

It does not matter from which provider you buy hosting and domain you will get a c-panel.

Let me first introduce you to the c-panel then i can guide you through WordPress installation in detail here.

c-panel is Linux-based web hosting control panel which provides graphical interface to simplify  process of hosting a website. If you explore c-panel a bit you will find many things about it. Lets not list them all in here in single post. I will write a separate one or few posts talking about c-panel’s in particular. Let me show you control panel you will get when you host your site on


Continued ………………..


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